Advent Giving Tree

This Advent season Our Lady of Angels will be continuing the tradition of the Giving Tree! We as a community will be able to bring the true meaning of Christmas to those in need by participating in this program. The Parish Council selected Joseph’s Home and the Journey Center for Safety and Healing (formerly the Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center) to support. Both organizations were contacted and are very thankful for our assistance. Out of concern for the safety and health of our charitable organizations and parishioners, we are requesting donations in the form of gift cards or cash only. Joseph’s Home and the Journey for Safety and Healing have requested gift cards from Wal Mart, Target, and or Giant Eagle where clothing, shoes, toiletries and groceries can be purchased. Please bring your donations in an envelope with the organizations name printed on the outside, to the parish office or place them in the weekly contribution basket at Mass. Two trees will be placed one to the left of the altar and one in the Narthex. After the weekend Masses, an ornament will be placed on the Giving Tree to represent each donation received. All gift cards or cash must be received by Sunday, December 19th by 11:00 AM so there is time to get them delivered to the organizations for Christmas. If a donation is not possible, another wonderful present is the gift of prayer! Please remember the staff and clients of these organizations in your daily prayers. Thank you in advance for all your generosity.