Fall Festival 2017

WHAT A SUCCESS!!! A great big tip of the O.L.A. top hat to the Festival Committee for all their effort, hard work, and planning to make our Festival a success. A big Thank You also to everyone that volunteered to work the Festival. Many people commented on what a great time it was, that they really enjoyed the rides, and that there was a wide variety of food and entertainment. Not all the bills are in yet, bus as soon as everything is paid, we will give you some figures on how well we did.

Congratulations to all the winners of the baskets and other prizes. The main raffle winners were:

First Prize: $5,000.00-Gail Hughes

Second Prize: $3,000.00-Andy Gulla

Third Prize: $2,000.00-Mikey Chambers

The winner for the final drawing of $1,000.00 for the Year Long raffle was Catherine Kratt.


Thank you and congratulations to those that participated in the pie baking contest. The winners were:

Cream                                                                                     Fruit

First Prize: Betty Mulgrew                                           First Prize: Samantha Ihle

Second Prize: Nikkie Legler                                        Second Prize: Sue Eyerman

Third Prize: Michelle Waters                                        Third Prize: Katie Monroe