1-7 video from Mr. Falk

  • Return to In-Person learning on Monday & Remote Option
    • We will be returning to In-Person learning on Monday.  All loaned iPads and Chromebooks need to be returned to OLA with your child on Monday.  Make sure that all chargers and USB cables are returned as well.
    • If you would like your child to continue distance learning, a signed academic honesty and distance learning agreement is required and is available on our school policy page. It can also be picked up at the school office.  The decision to opt into distance learning voluntarily is a commitment for the full quarter.  The 2nd quarter will end on January 21.
  • Updated COVID policy
    • To align with the 5-day quarantine recommendation put forth by the CDC as well as the Ohio Department of Health and the Cleveland Department of Public Health, we have updated our school policy that’s posted on our website.  There have been a few changes to clarify when students do and do not need to quarantine particularly if they have been sick with COVID before.
    • To better keep children protected at school during the current omicron surge, starting Monday, students eat lunch in their classrooms like the did last year. This was already happening for grades 5-8 but now it will be for PK-4 as well. We are also updating our cleaning protocols to provide teachers and staff with more effective supplies.
  • Vaccine Clinic
  • Uniform Sale