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December update from Mrs. Kohuth

The 3 year old preschool class has been getting ready for Christmas. We continue to work on our letter of the week, counting, shapes and numerals. We snipped Christmas trees to practice our scissor skills and glued on sequin ornaments to practice our pincer grip and reinforce fine motor skills. For the letter J we painted Christmas trees with Jingle bells. We also painted angels with watercolors for our “Hark! The Harold Angels Sing” door decoration.


December update from Ms. Rosenbaum

I can’t believe it is already December and we are getting ready for Christmas. During the winter months we will be going out for recess as much as possible, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

The 6th graders are reading the book “Holes” by Louis Sachar. It is about a young boy sent to camp and made to dig holes, for what seems to be for no apparent reason. That is until he finds out the real reason.

The 5th graders are reading “The Most Notorious Sports Curses of all Time” by Dave Campbell. It is a book about all the sports legends and teams who seem to have extremely bad luck and strange traditions. Of course, Cleveland is mentioned in the book.

During our Study Skills time on Fridays the 5th graders work on brain teasers and puzzles that challenge us to think outside the box. We really seem to enjoy the activities and we are getting better at solving them.

12-3 Video from Mr. Falk

  • Compressed Day on Tuesday, December 7
    • This is a reminder that TUESDAY, December 7 will be a compressed day.  Students will be dismissed one hour earlier than normal and there will not be any lunch served that day.  Breakfast will still be served as usual.
  • School Store
    • Our school store is still active and open for purchases.  If you have some Christmas shopping to do, take a look at what’s available! Every purchase that you make on our store (using school code 0000118204) will earn money for the teachers at OLA to get supplies for their classrooms.
  • Toy Drive
    • Next week is the final week of the OLA Ladies’ Guild Toy Drive.  If you have any new or gently used toys to donate, please send them in.  They will be donated to families in need through to the St. Vincent de Paul Charities.
  • Math Tutoring
    • Math tutors from St. Joseph Academy are available after school from 3pm to 3:45 on Tuesdays to help students in grades 5-8.  If you are interested in having your child receive some extra math help, let us know and we’ll send home the permission slip required to participate.

December update from Mr. Crawford

I cannot believe that Christmas is near. This time of year reminds us to be the best versions of ourselves. It is a time to reflect on getting right with God. My message to the 5th and 6th grade is to not only be your best, get right with God and be kind during Advent, but also continue it throughout the year. Let us remember that the true meaning of Christmas is about receiving Jesus, not gifts. Although, gifts are fun to get and even better to give; we received the greatest gift in Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love you all!

5th Science – Update: Golf Ball bounce investigation – Students concluded that the material in which a golf ball bounces will affect its bounce. Different surfaces caused the golf ball to bounce different heights. Smooth and hard surfaces resulted in a higher bounce than soft or textured surfaces. It was fun to watch all students play a role in the investigation – Teamwork makes the Dreamwork. We learned how to read and make bar/line graphs using paper and pencil, we learned about tools in science and their function and we are ending unit 1. Our next unit will be ECOSYSTEMS

5th religion – We have not created a class Top Ten list of things that can be done to positively affect other people’s lives (I will share our Top Ten list after Christmas break). 

5th/6th religion – Students wrote a Thanksgiving prayer to God in honor of Thanksgiving. It also was a good time to recall the parts of a prayer and the importance of being thankful and grateful for what God has given us. We also watched a TedTalk – Travis Troy, a quadriplegic. His testimony on being thankful and grateful when you are disabled was inspiring. 

Advent is what we are learning about now. Students created RACK calendars (Random Acts of Christmas/Christian Kindness). Again, our goal during Advent is to prepare for the second coming of Christ, be like Christ and serve others as Christ did. This is something we should do daily throughout the year. We also continue to learn about the weekly Liturgies. We read the weekly Gospel and reflect upon what Christ is saying to us. 

6th science – We finished learning about science tools and what they are used for. Part of this lesson was a discussion about aCcuracy (correct) and pRecision (repeated). Students investigated using pennies and a pre-drawn target to see how aCcurate or pRecise they were. Students practiced first, then participated in the investigation. Students did five trials of each from 0 ft., 3 ft and 6ft. Students used the evidence collected to conclude that the farther away they were from the target, the less aCcurate they were. See the pictures of the investigation. 

We are ending unit 1 –  learning about representing data and graphing. Students are learning how to use technology to create bar/line graphs, circle graphs and scatter plots. We discussed the importance of creating a graph with the proper elements: title, x and y axis, legend/key and students learned how to locate the x and y axis on a graph. Next unit is cells and microscopes (real and virtual)

November update from Mrs. Kozickie

November has been very busy in preschool!
We are continuing with letters of the week, currently F – I.
So many activities about our families, the fall season, planting seeds in our own greenhouses and even paper bag houses to replicate our own homes!
November was full of Thanksgiving activities with a big concentration on gratefulness.  We painted leaves to hang along side each other to make “Grateful Garland”.  Each leaf stating something we are thankful for.  What does it mean to be thankful?  As part of our life skills activities, we learned how to set a table too!

Our first report cards/progress reports were sent home.  This evaluation brought to the forefront skills we will focus on, such as more name writing, number recognition and scissor skills, to name a few.

As the Christmas season begins, we will be practicing holiday songs and working on festive activities, while moving forward with letter and sound recognition.

Navigating the road construction around OLA

The City of Cleveland is working on Rocky River Drive for the next 3 weeks making the street NORTHBOUND ONLY.  If you need to approach OLA from the north or if you need to depart OLA heading south or west, these maps may provide some assistance.  Whatever routes you chose to take going to or leaving OLA, please keep an eye out for pedestrians and crossing guards on the side streets.

To come to OLA from the North

It’s easiest to come from Warren Rd or Munn Rd from the northeast of OLA.  Please be careful around the “5 Points” intersection at 159th and West Park Rd.  There are 2 crossing guards stationed there during arrival and dismissal times. There are also crossing guards at Rocky River Dr. and Lucille and Rocky River Dr. and West Park Rd.

If your children are in 4th grade and up and/or you feel comfortable allowing them to walk partway, you can drop them off along Lucille and then they can cross Rocky River Dr. with the crossing guard.  You can then go back to Lorain via 165th St. and avoid Rocky River Dr. altogether.

To depart OLA heading South or West

To get to Lorain Rd and southbound Rocky River Dr from OLA.  Go west on West Park Rd or Ernadale Ave.  When you get to the “5 Points” intersection, you can proceed south towards Lorain on 159th St.  There is a traffic light at the intersection of Lorain and 159th St so it’s easier to turn left or right there.  Alternatively, you can proceed up to the Munn/Warren intersection on Granton Rd to get on to Lorain Rd. farther east or go south on 150th.


11-19 Video from Mr. Falk

  • COVID Reminders
    • Stress the importance of handwashing, wearing masks and maintaining social distance to your children.  We are starting to see a spike in the number of cases and we don’t want our students to get sick.  If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home to avoid spreading illness at school.
    • The Cuyahoga County Public libraries offer free home COVID testing kits.  Some of the libraries closest to us have reported that they are out of kits both other locations still have them available.
  • Traffic on Rocky River Drive
    • Starting MONDAY, traffic on Rocky River Drive will be northbound only due to construction.  That means that coming out of the driveway, cars will only be permitted to turn LEFT.  Please plan accordingly. If we need to make a change to the drop-off and pick up procedures, we will do so and will keep all families posted.  Thank you for your patience as we deal with this unexpected situation that is outside of our control.
  • Cold and warm weather clothing reminders
    • If it’s not snowing or raining during recess, we try to make sure that the children have time to be outside.  Please make sure to send your children to OLA with coats and hats and gloves if necessary.
  • Toy Drive
    • The OLA Ladies Guild is running a toy drive to benefit St. Vincent de Paul Charities.  Consider donating new or gently used toys and games to help out families in need.  For more information, take a look at the flyer for the toy drive.
  • Lunch & Breakfast
  • Middle School Mixer Postponed
    • The middle school mixer that was scheduled for this weekend has been postponed due to a number of COVID cases and an abundance of caution.  We will update everyone when the mixer is rescheduled.
  • Confirmation Retreat
    • The 8th grade Confirmandi will be having their retreat this weekend at OLA.  Please keep these students in your prayers as they prepare for this sacrament of the Catholic faith.