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November update from Mrs. Neider

Hello from Mrs. Neider’s classes! In 7th grade reading we finished our projects for the novel Wonder and were able to watch the movie to compare and contrast the movie from the book. We are now reading the novel The Giver and plan to complete different activities as we read along with many discussions.
In 8th grade math we are working on topics like scientific notation, integer exponents and proportional relationships. The students get a chance to practice these skills with different technology resources like and

November update from Ms. Burkiewicz

Hello OLA Families,

  I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. This week in the classroom, we are focusing on new sight words: “Could, Live, One, Then, and Three.” Each week we learn a new set of sight words, and we practice over them every day. We also are learning about singular and plural nouns, and contractions. Our main focus this week in phonics is short u. Not only are we working on activities that focus on short u, but we are also learning how to blend short u words together. We are going to be focusing on a writing activity that focuses on putting steps in order on how to catch a turkey. We also learned in Math how to use different strategies to subtract. These are just some of the fun learning activities that we have focused on this month.

November update from Ms. Magvas

Welcome back to Room 9! In second grade, we have been doing some exciting things. Last week, the students celebrated Veterans Day and did some activities to better understand who veterans are and why they should be honored each year on November 11th. We have also been playing “Vocabulary Pictionary” each week to help prepare the students for their test on Friday. They come up with some very creative ideas to represent their words!!

November update from Mr. D’Onofrio

Mr. D’Onofrio’s Science Classes have been discussing observations and scientific evidence.  We worked with plants and observed various colors of dye traveling through them and used these observations to discuss how plants get nutrients from the soil using the process of transpiration.  We also looked at the microscopic development of a fern plant and saw evidence that living things are made of cells.  In Math we are working on subtraction of positive and negative numbers using formulas, number lines, and counters.


Mrs. Verlie’s November Computer and STEM Updates

In Computer classes, Our Lady of Angels students have been working on research skills related to local high schools, technology careers, and computer history.  Students have also been working and learning as digital designers on projects for All Saints Day, Veterans Day, and our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

STEM classes are developing student design skills.  Students have been creating 3D designs on Tinkercad.  Below are two examples of designs that were recently 3D printed.

Seventh and eighth grade students continue to work with the video equipment and green screen to pre-record morning announcements for the entire school!  Homeroom 8 – 18 is working on a special Thanksgiving edition of the morning announcements to play next Tuesday, November 23.

11-12 Video from Mr. Falk

  • Compressed Day on December 7
    • Tuesday, December 7 will be a compressed day and the students will be dismissed 1 hour early and there will NOT be lunches served that day.  This date was mistakenly left off of the calendar that was sent earlier this year but it was on the calendar that was sent out at the end of last year.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Lunch & Breakfast
  • Report Cards
    • Quarter 1 report cards have been sent home via Digital Academy.  Please take some time to log in, review them and digitally sign the report cards.  If you need a paper copy, please contact the school office.
  • Kindness Club
    • Kindness club will be meeting after school on Wednesday this week.
  • Library
    • The Library open after being closed for 18 months due to COVID.  Kindergarten through 3rd grade now have a Library special on Fridays and 4th through 8th grade will have one reading class a week in the library on Mondays and Wednesdays. Welcome to Mrs. Buettner, our new OLA school librarian!

November update from Mr. Guggenbiller

The 7th Grade Religion classes are looking at the Baptism of Jesus and the sacraments of baptism and Confirmation.  The 8th Grade Religion classes are examining the Six Models of the Church to help better understand the Church and its mission.  In 7th Grade Language Arts, the students are working on persuasive essays.

In other somewhat unrelated news, one 7th grader, Michael Hodge, had a unique opportunity to meet Bishop Malesic recently and he told the Bishop all about OLA.

November update from Ms. Rosenbaum

The 6th graders just finished reading classical plays, one of them was “Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment” written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. After reading it the 6th graders had to make an infomercial about a product that they created. They did a great job, a few of their infomercials are attached below. Check them out, they are very creative and funny   

The 5th graders finished reading “A year down Yonder” and are starting a new book titled “Jars of Hope”. It is about a young woman who helped smuggle Jewish children out of the ghettos in Poland during World War II.

In English class 5th graders are working on disguising a turkey in order to save it from being someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. After disguising the turkey, fifth graders will be writing an essay convincing the world that their turkey is it’s new character.

November update from Mr. Crawford

“Be the reason why someone smiles today.”  – Roy T. Bennett

Wow! What a busy first quarter it has been. The students are scholars and gentlemen and ladies. They are working hard and their grades are proof of this. We have awesome students in 5th/6th grade. 

In 6th grade science, we have learned about scientific theory (ex. dinosaur extinction theory). We discussed the overwhelming evidence that an asteroid caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. Students explained how the evidence was used to support the theory. I introduced the last 5 mass extinctions and we asked the question, will there be a sixth? What can we do to prevent it? 

We just finished the steps in the scientific method and how it is used in science fields of study. We are beginning scientific tools and measurements. Students learned how to write a hypothesis using and if, then statement and identify the independent, dependent and controlled variables. Students will be learning about the tools that are used in science, scientific notation and participating in an activity about aCcuracy (C helps them remember that when you are accurate, you are correct) and pRecision (R helps them remember that when you are precise, you are repeating what you do). 

Halloween fun – Students learned about water stratification. Why don’t Skittles colors mix when water is added? Here are some pics. In 5th grade science, we just finished what are some types of investigations. Students learned about the importance of the scientific method and why there is no one specific method that is used in investigations. Students learned how to write a hypothesis using and if, then statement and identify the independent, dependent and controlled variables. We are gearing up to do an investigation using the scientific method and how to do a controlled experiment. They will learn how the material of a floor is made will affect the height a golf ball will bounce. 

In 6th grade religion, we are just finishing Divine Revelation, had fun with Halloween activities and we are making Christmas cards for the Dominican Nuns Monastery of Our Lady of Grace in North Guilford, CT. 

We will be using technology to answer questions about the Old/New Testament. Students will become familiar with the Bible table of contents and how to use it when looking up Scripture verses. 

During Halloween week, we learned about All Saints and Souls Day, the importance of Saints in our lives, students prayed about and learned the name of their Guardian Angel, discussed the Three States of the Catholic Church: Church Triumphant, Church Penitent and Church Militant, and said daily prayers for those that have passed away. We created Halloween Haiku’s, played Halloween Bingo, used dice and learned about probability and created our own pumpkins and designed rocks with positive messages about kindness, love and peace to be placed at students homes or in the neighborhood for members of our community to find. 

In 5th grade religion, we are learning about what it means to long for something. We read the story of Martha and Mary and discussed why Jesus was pleased with Mary for choosing to make a connection with him. While Martha’s choice of cleaning, cooking and preparing for Jesus was not a wrong choice, she could have waited to do these chores and make a connection with Jesus like Martha did. We are preparing to create a class Top Ten list of things that can be done to positively affect other people’s lives. 

In 5th grade religion, we also participated in fun activities during Halloween week. During Halloween week, we learned about All Saints and Souls Day, the importance of Saints in our lives, students prayed about and learned the name of their Guardian Angel, discussed the Three States of the Catholic Church: Church Triumphant, Church Penitent and Church Militant, and said daily prayers for those that have passed away.

11-5 Video from Mr. Falk

  • End of Quarter 1
    • Today was the last day of the first quarter.  Report cards will be published on Digital Academy on Friday, November 12.  If you would like a printed copy of the report card, please contact the school office.
  • Stoller Fundraiser
    • Thank you for participating!  Orders may be picked up on November 17 between 2pm and 4pm.
  • Cold weather
    • The weather is getting colder and kids will be outside for recess, walking between buildings and waiting with their classes at the beginning of the day.  Make sure that they have warm coats and hats and gloves if necessary.
    • In the classroom, hooded sweatshirts are NOT permitted but plain or OLA branded sweatshirts or fleeces are permitted to help students stay comfortable.
  • Middle School Mixer
    • The PTU will be sponsoring a Middle School Mixer (informal dance) on Saturday, November 20 from 7pm to 9pm in the gym.  This event is open to OLA students in grades 6-8.  The cost is $5 per student but is free to students who’s parents/guardians are members of the PTU.  If you’re interested in signing up for the PTU, send me an email with the names of your students and phone number.  More information will be sent early next week with the 6th – 8th grade students.
  • Basketball Fundraiser