Navigating the road construction around OLA

The City of Cleveland is working on Rocky River Drive for the next 3 weeks making the street NORTHBOUND ONLY.  If you need to approach OLA from the north or if you need to depart OLA heading south or west, these maps may provide some assistance.  Whatever routes you chose to take going to or leaving OLA, please keep an eye out for pedestrians and crossing guards on the side streets.

To come to OLA from the North

It’s easiest to come from Warren Rd or Munn Rd from the northeast of OLA.  Please be careful around the “5 Points” intersection at 159th and West Park Rd.  There are 2 crossing guards stationed there during arrival and dismissal times. There are also crossing guards at Rocky River Dr. and Lucille and Rocky River Dr. and West Park Rd.

If your children are in 4th grade and up and/or you feel comfortable allowing them to walk partway, you can drop them off along Lucille and then they can cross Rocky River Dr. with the crossing guard.  You can then go back to Lorain via 165th St. and avoid Rocky River Dr. altogether.

To depart OLA heading South or West

To get to Lorain Rd and southbound Rocky River Dr from OLA.  Go west on West Park Rd or Ernadale Ave.  When you get to the “5 Points” intersection, you can proceed south towards Lorain on 159th St.  There is a traffic light at the intersection of Lorain and 159th St so it’s easier to turn left or right there.  Alternatively, you can proceed up to the Munn/Warren intersection on Granton Rd to get on to Lorain Rd. farther east or go south on 150th.