October update from Ms. Stary

Welcome back to Room 20!  Since you were last here, we celebrated Peace Day as a school on September 22nd.  We also had virtual conferences with our parents and teacher, Miss Stary.

           On October 7th, we took our first test in Math class.  Miss Stary is pleased to announce that Caidence, Rylan, and Sam have all become Level 1 Math Wizards!  A Math Wizard is a student who earns an A+ on their math test (98% or better).  Each of them received a certificate, and their names were put on our Math Wizards’ Hall of Fame board in the classroom.   

          We’ve also started building a class ofrenda (altar) to remember our family, friends, and pets who have passed away.  We are doing this as part of our preparation for the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) which we are learning about in Spanish class.