October update from Ms. Wiers

In third-grade social studies, we are learning about celebrating culture. Every country has its own culture, or way of life. The culture of the United States is special. It is made up of different customs and traditions brought by the many groups of people who have moved here over the years.
In this unit, third-graders have been learning all about culture, specifically the culture of the United States. Third-graders have also been comparing their culture to the culture of our neighboring countries. They have learneded what life is like in Canada; what life is like in Mexico; and are currently learning about what life is like in the Caribbean.
This week in class, students were asked to choose one Caribbean country they would most want to visit. After they chose a country, they were asked to write a sentence explaining why they chose that country and then draw a picture about what they wrote or what life would be like in that country.