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Palms will be available  in the vestibule by the Adoration Chapel beginning at noon this Saturday, April 4 through Wednesday, April 8 during normal Adoration Chapel hours. The Adoration Chapel is open from 7:00 AM-10:00 PM.  The palms will already have been blessed. Please check with  elderly neighbors about bringing them palms. Last year’s palms can be burnt, or crumbled up and thrown in a garden, please do not bring them to church. For everyone’s safety, only one person should be in the vestibule at a time. Also, you may want to bring something to pick the palms up with. Be assured of my prayers.

Fr. Russ


On Monday, March 16th, the Catholic Bishops of Ohio jointly decided to suspend the celebration of Mass and all other Liturgical celebrations through Sunday, May 3.  In their decision, it is also stated that the Obligation for the Faithful to attend Sunday Mass is also suspended. I know that you may experience remorse about missing Mass, but please keep in mind that the decision of the Bishops came about for the concern of everyone’s safety, as the world deals with the CoronaVirus pandemic. Cancellation of All Masses and Liturgical Celebrations

This is an opportune time to rely upon the Church’s rich tradition of prayer to assist you in your spiritual needs during these times.  Sunday remains a Holy Day, and you, the Faithful are encouraged to spend some time in prayer, including praying together as a family. You may want to pray the rosary, the divine mercy chaplet, or the Stations of the Cross.  There are several free Apps available to download the Liturgy of the Hours: Morning, Evening, and Night Prayer. You are also encouraged to participate in prayer by way of radio broadcast or televised Mass and to make a spiritual communion.

The Adoration Chapel will remain open for your use.  Please consult the Web Page for Chapel hours.

I will still continue to celebrate Mass on a daily basis for the intentions that have been requested, and for the speedy end to the Corona pandemic.  I will also continue to look at the possibility of live streaming the Mass to assist you in your prayer life.

Be assured of my prayers for you.  Please continue to consult this web page for further updates.

May God Bless You,

Fr. Russ

The Parish Office will be closed starting Wednesday, March 18th through Sunday, April 12th. Please call the office in the case of an emergency. Voicemails will be checked periodically. 


Our Lady of Angels Parish was established over 90 years ago by Franciscan priests in connection with a seminary for the training of Friars. Our Lady of Angels parish has been a landmark in Cleveland’s  Westpark neighborhood and continues to thrive, attract new members, and be called home for many current and former parishioners. In the 1980’s, the Franciscans left the parish, but their influence remains. Since that time, the Diocese of Cleveland has staffed the parish with three pastors: Fr. John Cregan, Fr. Jerome Duke, and currently Fr. Russell Lowe. 

God Bless,

Fr. Russell P. Lowe

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