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The Mass Schedule

Now that restrictions regarding the celebration of the Mass have been lifted and the Bishops of Ohio have reinstated the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, we will be returning to the pre pandemic Mass Schedule.  Beginning the weekend of July 3 and 4 we will return to the schedule of a 4 PM Vigil Mass on Saturday, and 9 and 11 AM Mass on Sunday  morning.  The best way to get the word out for this is by you informing friends and neighbors that may not have started back to Mass yet or may be going elsewhere because of the schedule. So let’s get the word out over the next two weeks.

With the return to the second Mass on Sunday, I need to ask all Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Servers, and Ushers that have taken time off during the pandemic, to recommit themselves to these important and much needed Ministries for the proper celebration of the Mass.

I am looking to return to the celebration of daily Mass.  A date will be set soon.  However, I am in need of a daily sacristan to help set up for Mass.  This could be a one or two person position to allow for days when someone could not be there.  Please contact me, Fr. Russ, if you are interested.




Our Lady of Angels Parish was established over 90 years ago by Franciscan priests in connection with a seminary for the training of Friars. Our Lady of Angels parish has been a landmark in Cleveland’s  Westpark neighborhood and continues to thrive, attract new members, and be called home for many current and former parishioners. In the 1980’s, the Franciscans left the parish, but their influence remains. Since that time, the Diocese of Cleveland has staffed the parish with three pastors: Fr. John Cregan, Fr. Jerome Duke, and currently Fr. Russell Lowe. 

God Bless,

Fr. Russell P. Lowe

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